E Shram Card Bhatta 2022 | How to check E-Shram card allowance of Rs 1000 for free Now

e shram bhatta 2022:

All the workers registered under E-Shram Yojana will be given a financial benefit of ₹ 1000 per month, for this the state government is working at their respective levels and on behalf of the government to send the amount of allowance under this scheme. the program has also been started. According to the Labor Department, up to 90% of the workers have been registered and the remaining people should get themselves registered under e shram card 2022 as soon as possible.

According to the information received from the Labor Department, under e shram card 2022, those who have got their registration done under e shram card before 31st December 2021 have started getting financial assistance. This money is being given by the state government to the workers in view of the coronavirus and keeping in mind the situation of unemployment.

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One Rs 1000 to the workers sending the Yogi government

Before the assembly elections, the process of transferring ₹ 1000 in the account of laborers working in the unorganized sector has been started by the Uttar Pradesh government. This money is being given by the UP government in the form of maintenance allowance to the workers registered on the E-Shram portal. In the first phase, in the form of maintenance allowance, the government has sent a number of thousands of rupees each to the accounts of about 1.5 crore workers.

At the same time, whether the state government or not, the process of sending money to the account of the remaining laborers is also going on continuously, if we talk about the report, then in the second phase, the government will deposit the amount of thousands of rupees in the account of about 2.31 crore workers soon. Will transfer.

e shram card 2022 registered workers will get Rs 2000

By March, workers will get an amount of ₹ 2000, the benefit of E-Shram Yojana is to give the workers from December to March i.e. in the name of ₹ 2000 maintenance allowance for a total of 4 months. Farmers and laborers will get this money every one month in the form of ₹ 500, whose two installments of ₹ 1000 have been sent to the account of the workers, and the remaining workers are expected to get this money soon. If seen, there are many benefits of making E-Shram Card, out of which the UP government has shown the first benefit by giving maintenance allowance and similarly, Bihar government is also giving maintenance allowance after looking at the coronavirus, which is Only workers registered on this labor portal are getting it.

E Shram Card 2022 Payment Check Process

If you want to know whether you have received the installment amount under e shram Yojana or not, then you can easily know this.

  1. Through UPI :- If you use UPI in your phone then you can check your bank account balance through UPI, if money has arrived in your bank then you will get to see increase in account balance .
  2. Bank App Or Net Banking :- If you use net banking given through your bank, then you can also check your bank account statement and bank account balance through this.
  3. SMS Banking :- If your mobile number is registered with your bank and SMS banking facility is available on it, then you can also get balance inquiry and mini statement information by sending SMS to your bank’s registered number.
  4. PFMS Portal: – You can also get information about whether money has been sent through PFMS Portal, through PFMS Portal, information about every transaction done under DBT is available which you can do online. You can check, know the process of PFMS Portal Balance Check by clicking here

Who will get the maintenance allowance of Rs 2000?

If we talk about ₹ 2000 allowance, then this money is being given by the state government under e shram bhatta 2022 and this money is being given to only such workers who have been registered on this rum portal and who have e-shram cards. has been received. If you had got your registration done before 31st December 2021, then you will get the first installment of ₹ 1000, if you have not registered yourself yet, you can register yourself on the labor portal as soon as possible.

How to register on eshram card 2022 portal:

– You can register yourself through both online and offline means for making an E-Shram card, online you can go to its official website and register yourself, otherwise you can do the common service present near you. You can also get your own labor card made offline by visiting the center. Also, many Common Service Center operators are making eshram card 2022 by setting up camps, so you can get your own eshram card 2022 made through that too.

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