Bhulekh Odisha: View plot details, Bhunaksha Latest Update 2022

Bhulek Odisha

Digitization of land records is a ridiculous and technically tedious task. Despite this, the National Land Records Services Index 2020 (N-LRSI) National Council of Applied Economic Research surveyed Bhulekh Odisha as the second-best performing state in land record digitization.

Under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP), Odisha has computerized/digitized all registration offices and provided registered documents to those citizens. “It simply came to our notice then. In the current development, the Government of Odisha has introduced a system where online document submission, slot booking, and token systems can be started as pilot projects in five registration offices and sub-registrar offices.

These offices will be converted into model offices for property registration and this phase will be phased out in Odisha. All revenue offices will also be connected to high-speed internet facilities The Odisha government is also planning to conduct a drone-based survey on land parcels. A satellite image-based solution is also on the card to monitor changes in government land This will protect against illegal occupation and government land.

Bhulekh Naksha Village

Bhulek Odisha is an online portal of the Government of Odisha to seamlessly access land records online. This portal is also known as Odisha Bhulekh, this is the Government Land Record Portal of Odisha. can access Bhulek Odisha Bhulek Odisha also allows a user to get other land records through landowner information, ROR (Record of Rights), property value, plot number, land star and Bhulekh Odisha portal.

Bhulekh Odisha plot details

Designed by the Government of Odisha, Bhulekh Odisha is an online platform that allows the citizens of the state (Odisha) to view their land record details. The online portal can be utilized to get information on the land, the property owner, the value of the property, and the owner of the land.

Launched by the Board of Revenue Department Odisha, it has become much easier for the people to get their land record details compared to how it was before. The process is simple and convenient with a quick turnaround time.

Highlight Key of Bhulekh Odisha portal

Bhulekh Odisha portal is primarily designed to provide the land records of Odisha state in a digital format. The Bhulekh Odisha website provides the following services online-

  • Record of Rights (RoR)
  • Map View
  • Tahasil Information
  • State Statistics
  • Online Payment of Stamp Duty Link
  • Online Payment of Land Revenue Link
  • Online Access to Revenue Court
Bhulekh Odisha: View plot details, Bhunaksha Latest Update 2022

How to view land details (RoR) on the Bhulekh Odisha website?

To view RoR details, the user has to log on to the official portal of Bhulekh Orissa, . On the homepage, choose the appropriate details from the given options under ‘Select Location for ROR’:

  • District
  • Tahasil
  • Village
  • RI Circle

Bhulekh Odisha provides an online facility to view Odisha Land Records of Rights (RoR) online. To View Bhulekh Odisha RoR online, follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Log in to the official website of Bhulekh Odisha i.e.
  • Click on the ‘ROR View’ tab on the front page of Odisha Bhulekh.
  •  You have the option to check Bhulekh Odisha land records by the following elements
  • Khatiyan number
  • Plot Number
  • Tenant 

Documents needed to check Bhulekh Odisha plot Bhulekh map details

Users will have to provide the below-mentioned documents, to get the record of rights on the Bhulekh Odisha portal, Odisha:

  1. Property title documents
  2. ID proof – this includes Aadhaar card, voter ID, ration card, driving license, etc.
  3. Tax/Lagaan payment receipt.
  4. Income certificate.

Bhunaksha – Get Land Record Details by Khatiyan Number

  • On the Bhulekh Odisha page, click on the Khatiyan Number button and Choose District, Tehsil, Village, and RI Circle
  • Click on ROR FrontPage or ROR Back Page as per your preference to view the document. The document will be displayed in the following format.
  • You can also take a printout of the Odisha Bhulekh document.
Bhulekh Odisha: View plot details, Bhunaksha Latest Update 2022

Bhulekh Odisha plot details Land Records RoR by Tenant Number

  • On the Bhulekh Odisha page, click on the Tenant Number button and Choose District, Tehsil, Village, and RI Circle as follows.
  • Here, click on ROR FrontPage or ROR Back Page as per your preference to view the document. The Bhulekh Odisha ROR by Tenant Number will be displayed in the following format.

Application Fee and Charges Bhulekh Odisha

Sl No.Bhulekh Odisha Service Charges
01User cost and government feesRs:- 30
02Charges for printingRs:- 10
03Certificate output chargesRs:- 10
04Kiosk operator service chargesRs:- 08
05Scanning chargesRs:- 05
06DEGs chargesRs:- 02


How to check Odisha Bhu Naksha on the Odisha Bhulekh Odisha mutation

Bhu Naksha is a cadastral mapping software to digitize land maps. This clearly defines the boundaries of the land in question. To get Bhu Naksha of Odisha on the Bhulekh Odisha, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Log in to the official website of Bhulekh Odisha.
  • Click on the ‘Map View’ tab on the home page.
  • .As soon as you click on the Map View button
  • Here, select the District in which the land is located, and you will be redirected to the below-mentioned page of Bhu Naksha Odisha
  • Enter the District, Tehsil, Village details and click on Plot info to get the details
  • One can obtain details by clicking the plot number on the map provided by the Bhulekh Odisha.
Bhulekh Odisha: View plot details, Bhunaksha Latest Update 2022

How to download land records on the Odisha Bhulekh website?

To download land records on the Bhulekh Odisha website, Odisha, click on ‘RoR Back Page’ and ‘RoR Front Page’ after the land records become visible. This has to be done using the process explained above. Now, click on ‘Print’ and save the file as a PDF.

How to apply for ROR Record at Odisha Bhulekh physically

The Bhulekh Odisha ROR document contains crucial information regarding the land or plot in Odisha state. Important information like Landowner details, agricultural aspects, cost of the land, history of the land, etc. can be obtained by Bhulekh Odisha ROR. 

To apply for ROR Bhulekh Odisha documents physically follow the Steps

  • Collect the requisite application form from the District Revenue office
  • Fill in the form and attach all the required documents of land
  • An acknowledgment receipt will be given at the time of submission of the form
  • The documents will be verified by the concerned department
  • Post verification, the Odisha Bhulekh ROR will be issued

How to apply for the Bhulekh Naksha village land record offline?

To apply for the Bhulekh Odisha land record offline, you have to visit the nearest district revenue office and submit a written application, along with a duly filled ROR application form. Also, attach supporting identity, address proof documents, as required, and submit your application form at the office. Following this, the officer will issue you an acknowledgment receipt. Now, a verification process will be initiated, after which a certified copy of your record of land rights will be issued by the Bhulekh Odisha office.

Mobile Application of Odisha Bhulekh

The Odisha Government has taken several steps to make available the land records online. Apart from the Bhulekh Odisha web portal, a mobile application is also available on the google play store. Using this, the users can access the land records/RoR on mobiles as well. The Bhulekh Odisha app makes it easier to fetch the land record details on the go.

Application Process of Bhulekh Odisha ROR

Follow the steps bellow

  1. Visit the local District Revenue Office.
  2. Collect the ROR application form.
  3. Duly fill-up the form and attach the documents as prescribed.
  4. Submit the application form at the office.
  5. After the submission of the form, the office will issue an acknowledgment receipt.
  6. Wait for the verification process to take place.
  7. After the verification of your application form and the documents attached along with it, a certified copy of your ROR will be issued

How can I check my land record in Odisha?

1. log in to the official website of Bhulekh Odisha
2. Click on Select Location for ROR on the home page
3. From the drop-down select the district, tahasil, and village
4. From the 3 options i.e Khatiyan or plot or tenant select one of them
5. Click on ROR FrontPage or ROR Back Page to view the document

What is Odisha Bhu Naksha?

Bhu-Naksha is the cadastral map of lands that shows the extent, value, and ownership of land. Most states in India provide these details under the government’s Digital India program. Interestingly, most of their websites are named Bhu Naksha. In the case of Odisha, the official portal that gives all land-related details is known as the Odisha Bhulekh website, for example. The address of the portal is Odisha.

How can I check my plot details in Odisha?

1. Pay a visit to the official website of Odisha Bhulekh.
2. Provide the required details in the section named ‘Select Location for RoR’.
3. Select Khatiyan, Plot or Tenant.
4. Enter the accurate value of the selected option.
5. Click on ‘RoR Back Page’ and the land records will be visible.

How can I apply naksha online in Odisha?

First, visit the District Revenue Office.
Ask for the application from the office.
Fill up the form.
Attach the documents.
Submit the application form.
An acknowledgment receipt will be given to you.
Keep it safe.
Verification will take place.

How can I check the landowner in Odisha?

Visit the official website of Odisha Bhulekh. From the main menu of the online portal, click on the ‘Tahasil Info’ option. You will be redirected to the Tahasil Web Information page wherein you will be required to select the district name and enter the Tahasil.

What is Kisam of land in Odisha?

Hence, the Abadi lands in Odisha were classified into the following major Kisams:-Irrigated Two Crops, Irrigated One crop, Non irrigated (Rainfed), Orchards (Bagayat), Water bodies (Jalashaya), Homestead (Gharabari), Commercial (Byabasaika), Industrial (Shilpabhttika) , Forest (Jungle), Institutional(Anushthan), Mine 

What is Patta land in Odisha?

Patta land is also known as a Record of Rights (ROR) which gives information about ownership of particular property. It states who is the rightful owner of the property.

Odisha Bhulekh’s contact information

Citizens can also contact the land revenue office in Odisha using various channels, i.e., mobile number, email ID, etc.
Tehsildar concerned
For information about tehsils, check
Director, Land Records, and Survey, Board of Revenue, Cuttack
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0671-2509582 (10:00 AM to 5.30 PM on working days)
Revenue minister helpline
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free Number – 18001218242 (10:00 AM to 5.30 PM on working days)

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